Building Buildbots

21 May

Some time ago Tarek Ziade started a project to make it easier to configure and set up a Buildbot environment using zc.buildout. During the Paris Plone sprint I helped Jean-Francois Roche and Gael Pasgrimaud to further improve upon this work and after the sprint the collective.buildbot project was released.

I recently took some time to polish up the package with proper documentation and examples that should make it easier to deploy it for your own projects and released the changes as version 0.2.0.

Setting up a buildbot environment is pretty easy, you create a buildout for the build master that is responsible for configuring all the projects and one or more buildouts for the build slaves. The Putting it all together section in the documentation gives you an overall picture how to accomplish this.

Hopefully this will encourage people to use buildbot to improve the quality of their software. There are already some public buildbots available, check out or for example. Is your buildbot next?

UPDATE: There was a bug in the “Putting it all together” example, which is fixed in 0.2.1.


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